Commercial Application Solutions

Earn more money with each mile

Five Advantages

Standing the Test of Time

Through a futuristic tech combination in software and hardware, and the material mechanism of self and external maintenance, CATL batteries achieve more cycles, longer life, better long-term performance and higher economic benefits.

Confidence Comes with Reliability

Safety guarantees in design, testing, materials, production and processing procedures make every battery safe, reliable and durable.

Easy Drive in Cold and Heat

Whether in high temperatures, low temperatures or on rainy days, CATL can provide you with comprehensive protection.

Services Beyond Expectations

With rapid response standards and a global after-sales network, CATL provides customs with high-quality after-sales services.

Smart, Instant Feedback

The intelligent battery management system makes the battery safer, the system more efficient and your travel experience more comfortable.

  • Standing the Test of Time

  • Confidence Comes with Reliability

  • Easy Drive in Cold and Heat

  • Services Beyond Expectations

  • Smart, Instant Feedback

Road Passenger Transport Solutions

Focusing on the high-frequency and high-stability requirements of road passenger transport, CATL provides multi-scenario solutions that are safe, reliable, durable, and widely used in various urban public transport scenarios, passenger line, tourism passenger transport, commuter, etc. CATL helps customers reduce costs and create a beautiful, comfortable, and clean public transport image.

Urban Delivery Solutions

CATL's traction batteries are suitable for light trucks, mini buses, and minivans, and are widely used in express delivery, supermarket delivery, fresh food delivery and other scenarios. CATL provides customers with safe, reliable and comprehensive battery solutions, and accelerates the electrification of urban logistics to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Heavy-duty Transport Solutions

CATL provides strong and clean power to heavy-duty vehicles for meeting the working conditions of mining areas, ports, short-haul transportation in urban areas and construction sites, to satisfy the requirements of industrialization and transport electrification, and greatly improve  operation efficiency and provide practical solutions for reduced mobile source pollution.

Urban Street Cleaning Solutions

CATL provides customized solutions that meet the demands of various street cleaning vehicles. CATL's batteries featrue great safety, long life and strong environmental adaptability, covering a variety of vehicle types including electric washing vehicles, electric washing and sweeping vehicles, electric garbage trucks and other vehicles. With zero pollution and zero emissions, CATL is participating in the Blue Sky Protection Campaign.

Construction Machinery

The battery product solution provided by CATL for the field of construction machinery are widely adapted to special vehicles such as forklifts and slag trucks. It‘s easy to adapt to specific working conditions and create a comfortable and safe working environment. So far, it has been successfully applied in complex scenes such as logistics parks, port, mining area, and so on.

Two-wheeled Vehicle Solutions

CATL offers green, intelligent and safe battery solutions for two-wheeled vehicles which can be applied to multiple scenarios such as commuting, food delivery, express delivery, etc. The rechargeable and replaceable batteries make your travel experience easy and seamless.

Vessel Solutions

CATL provides safe, reliable, green and environmental friendly solutions for vessel electrification, assisting in the construction of water eco-civilization. CATL products have successfully passed the latest testing guidelines of the China Classification Society (CCS) to accelerate the electrification of vessels.

Special Vehicle Solutions

CATL provides customized product solutions for special vehicles which can be easily adapted to specific working conditions, thereby improving economic benefits, reducing environmental pollution and creating a comfortable and safe working environment. Widely used in logistics parks, airports, ports, and other scenarios.

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