Passenger Vehicles Solutions

Strong, calm and in control

Top 5 Advantages

Ultra-long Driving Range

Continuous innovation in the energy density of single cells, battery pack design and energy system storage efficiency ensure ultra-long mileage.

Instant Charge and Go

Start your journey immediately with CATL's revolutionary fast-charging cell technology, flexible configuration and intelligent battery management system (BMS) fast-charging strategy.

Break Boundaries

From the fast and furious feeling of maximum acceleration to beating the extreme weather challenges of cold or heat, CATL makes you enjoy the pleasure of driving by supporting strong power.

Ultra-long Service Life

Through a futuristic tech combination in software and hardware, and the material mechanism of self and external maintenance, CATL batteries achieve more cycles, longer life and better long-term performance.

Intelligent Management

The intelligent battery management system makes the battery safer, the system more efficient and your travel experience more comfortable.

  • Ultra-long Driving Range

  • Instant Charge and Go

  • Break Boundaries

  • Ultra-long Service Life

  • Intelligent Management

Electric Private Vehicle Solutions

With rapid iterative material innovation, simplified product design and a constantly improved manufacturing process, CATL has made significant breakthroughs in system energy density and  ultra-long range to faclitate your driving experience.


High-rate, fast-charging technology combined with the intelligent BMS strategy makes it possible to charge  a battery to 80% in just five minutes.

1000 km

Thanks to advanced nickel-rich NCM chemistry material, silicon-doped lithium supplement technology, and innovative cell to pack (CTP) technology, the battery system energy density is improved to 265Wh/kg. This enables electric vehicles  to have an ultra-long driving mileage and eliminates users' range anxiety.


The BMS ensures SOC estimation inaccuracy within ±3%, making you travel smart.


Using a unique battery self-heating technology, the battery is able to warm up 6°C per minute without additional cost. It only takes five minutes to raise the battery temperature from -30°C to 0°C.

1-3battery blocks

Featuring the flexible combination, EVOGO provides customers with need-based battery rental. Customers are free to take one to three blocks to meet different range requirements at swap stations, enjoying the freedom of power consumption.

Electric Operating Vehicle Solutions

CATL has an ultra-long service life traction battery system solution that perfectly satisfies the needs of operating vehicles which are frequently used, and enables them to achieve uninterrupted operation, 24 hours a day, all year round.

400 km-600 km

The CTP highly efficient integrated technology with a stable chemistry system  balance product performance and economic benefits by offering 400–600 km mileage, which is just enough  to meet daily operation requirements.

30 min

With the unique "fast ion ring" and "super electronic network" technologies, the battery can be charged to 80% SOC in only 30 minutes, which makes your time more valuable.

RMB 60,000/year

Compared with corresponding internal combustion engine (ICE), electric vehicles with CATL batteries can save RMB 60,000 in energy consumption costs each year. Same cost, higher returns.

years or 800,000 km

With an ultra-long warranty of  eight years or 800,000 km, the full life cycle demands of operating vehicles can be met with a single  battery, enabling you to enjoy a worry-free and cost-saving driving experience.


The BMS ensures SOC estimation inaccuracy within ±3%, promising you a safe and timely arrival.


Using a unique battery self-heating technology, the battery is able to warm up 6°C per minute without additional cost. It only takes five minutes to raise the battery temperature from -30°C to 0°C.


Supported by modular battery swap solution, it takes about one minute to swap a single battery block, saving refueling time and creating higher operation value.

Hybrid Solutions

CATL's small and light high-power cells are naturally match mainstream hybrid systems, which offer power instantly and in full, as well as being highly efficient and energy-saving. This makes you travel green every day.

Instant Strong Power

Advanced material technologies, such as Nano-coating, enhance the conductivity of material to achieve a high-rate discharge ability and adjustable power supply. It efficiently manage every working condition for you.

Small Body, Great Energy

Tailored for hybrid electric vehicles, the high energy density cell makes a thin and light pack possible. More space is saved, making your trip even more comfortable.

High Fuel-economizing Rate

The fuel consumption of a vehicle can reach 1.3 L/100 km with a fuel-economizing rate as high as 80%. This very economical and environmentally friendly driving experience also better suits the harmonious coexistence of people, mobility and nature.

Ultra-long Service Life

After being charged and discharged 6,000 times, the capacity retention rate is still above 80% and the service life is as long as 15 years. Such durable power allows you to be worry-free during the whole cycle of ownership.

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