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Modular Battery Swap Solution

Comprised of Choco-SEBs, fast battery swap stations and an app

  • High Energy Density with Small Size

    With the support of the latest CTP technology, the Choco-SEB can achieve a weight energy density of over 160 Wh/kg and a volume energy density of 325 Wh/L, enabling a single block to provide a driving range of about 200 km. Meanwhile, it is compatible with most vehicle models developed on BEV platforms.

  • Flexible Combination

    Customers are free to install one to three blocks on a vehicle to meet different range requirements.


Fast battery swap station

    • Small Floor Space

      A standard station takes up a floor space of about three parking spots.

    • Rapid Circulation

      About one minute needed to swap a single battery block.

    • High Capacity

      A standard station can house up to 48 Choco-SEBs.

    • All-climate Solution

      A variety of swap station versions to suit different climates.

It links customers with different modules of EVOGO, allowing the connection among customers, vehicles, stations and batteries, and provides other services as well.
CAES has released the battery swapping solution 
featuring modular battery swapping
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  • High Compatibility
    Freedom of Choice

    Based on the development principle of universal adaptation, Choco-SEB is designed to suit most passenger cars and logistics vehicles developed on BEV platforms. The swap station can match all vehicle models by different OEMs that use Choco-SEBs, allowing a free choice of vehicle models for battery swaps.

  • Need-Based Battery Rental
    Freedom of Power Consumption

    EVOGO allows customers to choose the number of battery blocks to rent according to their driving scenarios and habits. Only one block is needed for inner city commuting. While for longer trips, customers can rent two to three blocks and swap them with one block after returning to the city.

  • Charging and Swapping
    Dual-Choice Refueling

    Vehicles carrying Choco-SEBs support both charging and battery swapping for power refueling. Together with the existing household charging and fast charging, EVOGO helps provide all-scenario refueling solution.

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      Household Charging
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      Fast Charging
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      Battery Swapping

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