Battery-swapping services for two-wheeled vehicles

On June 12th, 2019, China's leading battery system provider, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL), along with Chinese mobility service company Hellobike and inclusive finance service platform Ant Financial, held a strategic cooperation conference in Shanghai at which they announced the establishment of a joint venture with a total investment of RMB 1 billion involving the initiation of battery-swapping services for two-wheeled electric vehicles.

The three parties will integrate their superior resources and capabilities in industrial depth, offline operation and online access to build a comprehensive two-wheeler ecosystem, and provide green, intelligent and safe battery-swapping services for two-wheeled electric vehicle users.


In this revolutionary cooperative project, CATL will provide cutting-edge electricity-based solutions for two-wheeled electric vehicles by relying on the world's leading lithium battery technology; Hellobike will open up its existing battery-swapping capacity and give full play to its established comprehensive offline urban network and efficient operation capability; and Ant Financial will provide all-round support for the battery-swapping services, including the platform entrance, user traffic and business system. Together, the three parties will create a new model for smart travel.

The composite system consists of an intelligent lithium battery, intelligent battery-swapping cabinet and integrated intelligent background management system. It can be applied to daily commuting, urban business logistics, campus travel, scenic area travel, etc.

As two-wheeled vehicles enter a new era of electrification, intelligentization and lightweight development, with its deep understanding of the market demand, CATL has customized special power batteries for two-wheeled vehicles, and will continuously iterate and upgrade the system according to the accumulation and analysis of travel data, thereby providing better battery products for two-wheeled vehicles. 

The latest CATL product will have a separate brand name and a lifespan comparable to that of a battery for a four-wheeled vehicle. It weighs only a quarter as much as a traditional lead-acid battery, redefining batteries for two-wheeled vehicles with a younger, safer and greener image.

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