Sustainable Development Guidelines

  • All-win Harmony

    “Deliver excellent contribution to green energy resolution for mankind, and provide a platform of pursuing the spiritual and material well-being for employees” is the corporate vision of CATL. CATL continues to implement the protection of labor rights, human rights, occupational health and safety in enterprises and supply chains, actively fulfill social responsibilities.

  • Innovate to Achieve

    “Innovate to enable customer achievements” is the corporate mission of CATL. Innovation is the vitality of an enterprise. Customer success is the guarantee of continuous success for CATL.

  • Legitimate Operation

    Continue to ensure safety of product, information, finance and operation. Prevent force majeure factors. Eliminate negative issues of integrity, ethics, and corruption issues in the enterprise and supply chain.

  • Eco-friendly

    CATL continues to pay attention to environmental protection, use of renewable energy, energy saving and emission reduction, and resource recycling in enterprises and supply chains, advocates a green circular economy.

Sustainable Development Commitments

CATL responds positively to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). While providing innovative products and services, CATL integrates the concept of sustainable development management into all aspects of its business operation, establishes a sustainable development management system, adheres to ethical and compliance management, and continuously strengthens communication with stakeholders to ensure the sustainable development of CATL and benefit our customers and society.

Anti-corruption and compliance

CATL attaches great importance to the construction of integrity. CATL sets up the Code of Conduct Committee to oversee the specific implementation of the Code of Conduct. "Be afraid to corrupt,  Cannot corrupt,  Don't want to corrupt" are integrity requirements of CATL. Take refine as the core, CATL strives to build an honest and clean culture. Meanwhile, CATL commits to be a model enterprise in the field of anti-corruption.

Responsible Sourcing

CATL actively creates a fair, open, transparent and responsible purchasing environment. CATL proactively trains suppliers in enterprise sustainable development to ensure that its products and services are sustainable at the source. In addition, because our raw materials contain nickel, cobalt, manganese, lithium and other minerals, and CATL is fully aware of the risks facing mineral supply, we have formulated relevant policies.

Labor and human rights

CATL strictly abides by the relevant national laws including the Labor Law and overseas laws and regulations, adheres to fair, just and open recruitment and employment policies, resolutely prohibits the employment of child labor, treats job seekers and employees of all races, nations, nationalities and genders equally, and respects each employee's viewpoints and ways of thinking. CATL also complies with the regulations related to human rights specified in the RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) Code of Conduct, respects all employees' free association rights and creates a diversified and inclusive work environment.

Environmental health and occupational safety

Six zero goals of safe production: Zero major fires, zero explosions, zero serious injuries, zero fatalities, zero occupational diseases and zero environmental accidents.

Occupational health guidelines: CATL is committed to complying with occupational health and safety laws and regulations, establishing a safety accountability system, and ensuring the occupational health and safety of all employees through entire-staff participation, scientific management, continuous improvement and effective training.

Environmental guidelines: CATL is committed to protecting the natural environment, conducting cleaner production and forging green culture.

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