DST electric logistics vehicle operation

With the continuous electrification of e-mobility, new energy logistics vehicles have also been gradually put into operation on a large scale. On April 17th, 2020, DST delivered electric logistics vehicles in batches to a famous Chinese logistics enterprise for terminal express delivery. These vehicles are equipped with CATL batteries, which will greatly improve delivery efficiency and promote green logistics development.

Logistics vehicles are operational tools for logistics and leasing enterprises, and using the vehicles requires considering the cost of the whole life cycle. In addition, the logistics vehicle market is mainly oriented towards the last mile of O2O (online to offline). To ensure the goods' safety and timely delivery, businesses have strict requirements for the cycle life, endurance mileage and charging speed of traction batteries. CATL provides customized electric logistics product solutions to effectively solve these problems.

1. Safe and reliable delivery

These new energy vehicles, equipped with CATL batteries, high-safety LFP cells and high-strength battery packs meet international safety standards and ensure a sufficiently safe and reliable delivery. Moreover, the safety and reliability of CATL batteries have been certified by years of market practices. As early as 2014, CATL started to conduct in-depth market research and product R&D in logistics electrification. So far, one of every two electric logistic vehicles on the market is equipped with CATL batteries.

2. High load capacity for efficient delivery

CATL battery packs adopt CTP (cell to pack) technology and lightweight design, making vehicles lighter but with higher load capacity. With higher delivery efficiency, the cost of time and labor can be greatly reduced. CATL customized batteries can be adapted to different classes of vehicles. The delivered new energy logistics vehicles can carry up to 960 kg of cargo. With a power distribution capacity of 41.86 kWh and a fully-loaded endurance mileage of 220 km, they can meet the endurance requirements for daily logistics delivery.

Moreover, considering flexibility in practical application, CATL provides fast-changing technology. It takes only one hour for the logistics vehicles to restore power, resulting in faster delivery. They are very practical for transferring goods among express outlets and delivery from terminal outlets to customers.

In the future, CATL will cooperate with more logistics enterprises and operation platforms on developing electric logistics, providing "safe, reliable and durable" product solutions, and playing a more important role in application scenarios like fresh food delivery for supermarkets and intercity logistics.

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