Changsha city electric sanitation vehicle application

On May 22th, 2019, the delivery ceremony of the first batch of new energy battery electric sanitation vehicles was held in Changsha Zoomlion Environmental Industry Park. In the first batch, a total of 28 electric sanitation vehicles equipped with CATL batteries were delivered by Changsha Zoomlion Environmental Industry Co., Ltd. (Zoomlion Environment), including electric road maintenance vehicles, electric sweeper vehicles, electric cleaning vehicles and electric self-loading and unloading garbage trucks.

Compared with fuel vehicles, electric sanitation vehicles are more environmentally friendly, more energy efficient and more attractive-looking, and can achieve "zero emissions" with renewable energy. At the same time, their comprehensive cost of operation and maintenance is only one third of that of comparable fuel vehicles.

The working conditions of sanitation vehicles are complex with wading conditions, requiring highly water-resistant batteries. The power batteries produced by CATL have an IP68 level dustproof and waterproof ability, which is the highest standard in the industry, and can meet the needs of sanitation vehicles in various operation scenarios. In addition, thanks to their long life cycles and low attenuation, CATL batteries can ensure the long-term and stable operation of vehicles. The cooperation between CATL and Zoomlion Environment will promote the further development of electric sanitation vehicles, and advance the Blue Sky Protection Campaign.

In the field of electric sanitation vehicles, CATL has introduced nearly 70 vehicle models to the market, ranking first in the industry. In 2018, CATL batteries accounted for more than 40% market share in electric sanitation vehicles. CATL has taken the lead in contributing to the urban cleaning business.

In the future, CATL will continue to work with its partners to make unremitting efforts to protect the environment in cities.

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