On July 17th, 2020, a batch of HANGCHA XC Li-Ion battery forklifts equipped with CATL battery modules were successfully delivered to a leading enterprise in the chemical industry, marking a further step in CATL's strategy towards forklift electrification. CATL can provide customers with more secure and reliable solutions as regards lithium-ion battery forklifts.

Economical and environmentally friendly Forklifts with lithium-ion batteries help customers win business 

The logistics industry generally features stringent environmental requirements, high frequency of use and long working hours. The conventional lead-acid battery involves high labor costs, high charging requirements, a slow charging speed and short life, and is thus unable to meet forklift’s operational requirements. Meanwhile, the lithium-ion battery has significant advantages due to its being maintenance-free, and featuring a long life, high safety and reliability, which make it better qualified for use in forklift power systems. 

1. Economy 

A long service life enables better economy in the whole life cycle. Operation efficiency can be improved with a high charging and discharging rate, fast charging speed and high discharging power.

2. Durability

High volumetric energy density, 4,000 cycles with 100% DoD and service life of up to 8 years.

3. Safety

Thermal runaway temperature of 800℃ with a low heat release rate. 

No extra hazardous gas is generated during charging.

4. Convenience

No daily maintenance or fluid replacement required. 

No need to ventilate the charging area.

More than safety EVs as powerful as ICEs

Forklifts equipped with CATL batteries that produce zero pollution emissions can be fully charged in two hours and work continuously for eight hours. They have the same efficiency as ICEs and high-grade water-resistance. What's more, they can completely replace ICEs in heavy indoor and outdoor work. Customers can enjoy both the surging power of a fuel forklift and the low energy consumption of an electric forklift.

Customized design CATL products completely adaptable to customer requirements

CATL's electric forklift solution adopts square LFP batteries that are generally supplied for commercial vehicles, which are well developed and economical with a guaranteed supply. In addition, the sophisticated group technology of new energy vehicles is adopted and special modules are designed according to the space and characteristics of forklifts, perfectly meeting customer requirements. The characteristics are as follows:

1. The aluminum alloy sheet metal frame is firm and light with good heat dissipation;

2. The frame adopts a mature riveting process instead of screw connections to avoid loosening;

3. The series-parallel connections of batteries and electrical connections of sample lines adopt a welding process instead of screw connections to avoid loosening;

4. The battery electrodes and electrical connections are supported and isolated by high-strength engineered plastic parts, preventing touches by mistake and providing strong and long-lasting insulation;

5. The fixed mode of modules is standardized, contributing to pack assembly and long-term reliability.

As early as 2018, CATL became involved in the forklift market, establishing the joint venture Pengcheng New Energy Co., Ltd. with the HANGCHA Group to assemble battery packs to supply them to forklifts in bulk. With the development of technology and the gradual maturity of the market, CATL will launch more reliable, safe and durable lithium battery products to accelerate forklift electrification.

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