CATL's Innovation Team Is Awarded the Title of "National Advanced Group of Professional and Technical Talent"



The CATL's new lithium-ion battery development and application innovation team was awarded the title of "National Advanced Group of Professional and Technical Talent" at the 6th National Outstanding Professional and Technical Talent Commendation Conference, which was held recently in Beijing. 

The team, headed by Zhao Fenggang, co-president of the R&D system of CATL, consists of 168 members, with 20 holding senior professional titles and 17 having a PhD degree. The team has worked together to make unremitting innovation and exploration. In the national key research and development project of "100MWh-level lithium-ion battery large-scale energy storage technology development and application", they have successfully developed the first LFP batteries with a service life of over 12,000 cycles in the industry through the full life cycle lithium-ion compensation technology, which is 2-4 times the average of other products. 


Interior View of Jinjiang 100MWh-level Energy Storage Power Station 

The project has obtained 68 invention patents and its technological achievements have been applied to Jinjiang 100MWh-level Energy Storage Power Station. If they are charged and discharged 1.5-2.0 times a day according to local scheduling instructions, the service life of the energy storage power station is expected to exceed 20 years. Breaking through the key constraints of large-scale application in the energy storage field, this technology can greatly increase batteries’ life cycles, reduce the cost of energy storage, and will accelerate the commercial and large-scale development of the energy storage industry. 


 Themed Documentary “Cornerstones of a Great Power”

In addition, the 100MWh-level unified dispatch and control technology developed by the project has realized a full power response time of less than 200ms (compared to the international level of more than 500ms) and a tracking error of less than 2% (compared to the international level of more than 3%), promoting the application of large-scale energy storage technologies in smart power grids. 


Control System of Jinjiang 100MWh-level Energy Storage Power Station 

With the successful implementation and operation of the Jinjiang 100MWh-level Energy Storage Power Station, CATL’s ultra-long-life energy storage batteries have been promoted to a number of energy storage projects integrating power generation, transmission, distribution and consumption, providing technical basis and implementation experience for the construction of GWh-level projects. At the same time, this technology has also been adapted to the field of new energy vehicle batteries. CATL has now developed batteries with a service life of 16 years and a total range of over 2 million kilometers. The ultra-long life turns the cascade utilization and V2X from theory to reality, promoting full life cycle battery application in multi-scenario applications such as energy storage and power batteries and speeding up the realization of the goal of CO2 emissions peaking and carbon neutrality. 

About the "National Outstanding Professional and Technical Talent"  

The "National Outstanding Professional and Technical Talents" is a great honor awarded to professional and technical personnel by the state commending those leading talent and innovative groups who have emerged in key national strategies, key construction projects, key basic scientific research and key core technology research related to the high-quality development of the economy and the society.