Nine Brunp Plants Obtain Carbon Neutral Certification



On April 22, Guangdong Brunp Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. (Brunp), subsidiary of CATL, announced that nine of its plants around the world have received the PAS2060 certification on carbon neutrality from the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company SGS. And a signing ceremony of strategic cooperation on carbon tariff was also held. 

Brunp has built nine carbon neutral plants in six of its production bases around the world, namely Foshan, Guangdong Province; Changsha, Hunan Province; Yichang, Hubei Province; Pingnan, Fujian Province; Fuding, Fujian Province and Morowali, Indonesia, with its business covering all key links of the recycling industry chain. Brunp has developed a "carbon neutral" mode across the battery recycling industry chain from mineral exploitation, raw materials preparation, precursors production, anode materials production to battery recycling. 

Brunp has built two state-level green plants and two green design products recognized by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) in China. Changsha Base was recognized as state-level green plant in 2018, becoming the first 10,000t level battery recycling green plant in China. In February 2023, Foshan Base was recognized as the state-level green plant by MIIT, and the Company's products "lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide" and "nickel cobalt manganese hydroxide" were included in the 2022 List of Green Design products. 

During the event, the strategic research cooperation agreement on carbon tariff was also signed by Science and Technology Research Center of China Customs, China Automotive Engineering Research Institute and Brunp. In the future, the three parties will work together to conduct strategic research on carbon border adjustment mechanism and product import and export dialogue mechanism, promoting the global sustainable development in a stable and orderly manner.