Zhangjiagang Conch Cement Energy Storage Project

Cement production consumes a lot of electricity, thus electricity facility construction and electricity consumption are important factors. The construction cycle of electricity facilities is long, while capacity expansion is difficult. Solving problems of electricity facilities means the bottleneck in cement production is also solved, and reducing electricity consumption costs could also lower the product cost and increase corporate profitability. Dealing with these problems from the root cause will fundamentally enhance enterprise competitiveness.

The Zhangjiagang Conch Cement Energy Storage Project has adopted a modular container design. It consists of 16 groups of containers with an average capacity of 0.5 MW/2 MWh and a total capacity of 8 MW/32 MWh. Pre-installation in the factory ensures the performance and quality of the products and systems, shortens the construction period for customers, alleviates capacity demands and saves power construction investment. The energy storage system makes use of the peak-to-valley electricity price difference, achieve peak load shifting, significantly reduce the cost of electricity consumption and transfer the traditional sunk cost into power investment that can produce benefits and gain advantages for the enterprise.

The safety of large-capacity energy storage facilities has always been a concern of customers. CATL only adopts LFP cells as energy storage cells for its energy storage systems. From material chemistry selection to developing the well management system control, from the cell to system level, CATL ensures the safety and reliability of its products. Each module is equipped with a multi-branch temperature sensor, and the systems feature multilevel protection. If any potential failure in the system is found, corresponding protective measures will be taken in time. Safety is the foundation of CATL’s success. 

As a responsible enterprise, Conch Cement adopts the most advanced energy storage system in the industry to create benefits for the enterprise and set a stellar example for society in the efficient use of energy.



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