Jinjiang 100 MWh energy storage power station project

On May 8th, 2020, the Fujian Energy Regulatory Office issued the first power business license (power generation type) for the independent storage power station of Jinjiang Mintou Power Storage Technology Co., Ltd. of Fujian Investment Group, marking that Jinjiang Tonglin Storage Power Station, the largest lithium-ion battery energy storage station regarding power transmission and distribution in China, could legally enter the power market. According to the national energy plan, China's large lithium-ion battery energy storage has entered the stage of large-scale commercialized operation as proposed in China’s 14th Five-Year Plan from the demonstration stage of the 13th Five-Year Plan. Large-scale lithium battery storage is witnessing prosperous development.

CATL is in charge of system integration of the entire energy storage system (battery system + PCS + EMS), and the cycle life of a single battery can reach 12,000 times. On January 14th, 2020, the project was successfully connected to the grid, marking a major breakthrough in basic research and market application of CATL’s 13th Five-Year Plan special project “Development and Application of Scaled Energy Storage Technology” of 100 MWh-Level New Lithium-ion Battery in Smart Grid Technology and Equipment.


In 2016, CATL led and applied the Development and Application of Scaled Energy Storage Technology of the 100 MWh-Level New Lithium Battery project for the 13th Five-Year Plan key special project of “smart grid technology and equipment” (No. 2016YFB0901700). In 2018, together with Fujian Mintou Power Distribution Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujian Investment Group, and POWERCHINA Fujian Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd., CATL established Jinjiang Mintou Power Storage Technology Co., Ltd. and invested in the pilot demonstration project of the construction of the 100MWh-level energy storage power station.


The Fujian Jinjiang 100 MWh-level energy storage power station pilot demonstration project is in Anhai town of Jinjiang, the center for the power load of Fujian Province. The power station covers an area of 16.3 mu (a mu is a Chinese acre), with a construction scale of 30 MW/108.8 MWh. It connects with the provincial grid at 110 kV. The project started construction at the end of 2018, implemented the debugging of the grid connection in January 2020, passed the preliminary acceptance in April, and acquired a power business license (power generation) on May 8th in the same year.

Project highlights

  • The lithium-ion battery energy storage power station featuring the largest space on the grid side;

  • Excellent performance in power frequency modulation far exceeding ordinary modulation units;

  • The first large energy storage power station with independent connection to the grid managed by non-grid enterprises in China.


Battery rack room of this project

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