Luneng national energy storage power station demonstration project

At 11:16 a.m. on December 25th, 2018, the 50 MW/100 MWh LFP energy storage project of the Luneng National Energy Storage Power Station Demonstration Project, the largest electrochemical energy storage project regarding power generation in China, successfully realized grid-connected power generation.

Project introduction

The gross installed capacity of the Luneng National Energy Storage Power Station Demonstration Project is 700,000 kW, namely a 200,000 kW photovoltaic project, 400,000 kW wind power project, 50,000 kW solar power project and 50,000 kW energy storage system. The Demonstration Project is set to become an internationally leading multi-energy complementary and intelligently scheduled innovation base for the comprehensive utilization of pure clean energy, integrating the "storage, deployment and load of wind energy, solar energy and thermal energy." This is the first multi-energy complementary innovation project that has been officially started among the first batch of national multi-energy complementary integrated optimization demonstration projects. After its completion, it will generate 1.2625 billion kWh of electricity and save about 401,500 tons of standard coal per year, and effectively reduce coal consumption and air pollution. It is the largest electrochemical energy storage project regarding power generation in China.

CATL provides energy storage

The Haixi 50 MW/100 MWh multi-energy complementary demonstration project adopts CATL's safe, reliable, long-life and highly consistent battery products. The problem of solar and wind curtailment can be effectively solved, and power supply reliability can be improved through the system integration technology of a large-scale energy storage power station and multi-functional complementary projects. CATL provides peak-shaving, frequency modulation, backup power supply, black start and demand response support services for power grid operation to improve the flexibility, economy and safety of the power system. CATL's lithium-ion battery energy storage systems enable the power generation characteristics of wind and solar energy to reach the power quality of a conventional energy supply, and smoothly realize peak load shifting and access to the power grid.


CATL provided full technical support and equipment supply for this project. Each container on the site integrates 1 MW/2 MWh. There are 50 energy storage containers on the site that generate green power and share energy storage with wind and solar power to protect the natural environment.

Project highlights

  • It is the largest electrochemical energy storage project regarding power generation in China;

  • It can effectively solve the technical difficulties encountered in the large-scale grid connection of new energy and promote the large-scale development and utilization of new energy;

  • It can promote the complete supply of clean energy in Qinghai, optimization of the regional energy structure and improvement and clean development of the ecological environment;

  • It can achieve lasting economic and social value and protect the local environment and landscape. It is a milestone in the development of new energy.

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