CATL Breaks Grounds on Xiamen New Lithium-ion Battery Plant



On the morning of December 19, the groundbreaking ceremony for CATL New Lithium-ion Battery Project was held in Xiamen, east China’s Fujian Province. 

With a total investment of 7 billion yuan (around 1.1 billion USD), the battery production base is expected to drive the development of the 100-billion-yuan-level new energy cluster in Tong’an-Xiang’an High-tech Industrial Base and boost Xiamen’s high-quality economic growth. 

Located in Tong’an-Xiang’an High-tech Industrial Base, Torch Development Zone for High Technology Industries, the project (Phase I) covers a total gross floor area of approximately 710,000 m2.


Huang Wenhui, mayor of Xiamen, said: “the start of CATL Lithium-ion Battery Project is of great significance for accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading and promoting high-quality economic development of Xiamen. Xiamen will join hands with CATL to build a new energy cluster highland in Xiamen.”

Li Ping, vice chairman of CATL, said: “CATL will strive to build the project into a world-leading green, smart and digital factory by gathering our core resources and capabilities as well as our experience in building global Lighthouse Factory. At the same time, CATL will actively introduce upstream and downstream resources for the development of Xiamen’s new energy industry, continuously improve technological innovation and industrial collaboration, and help Xiamen become an important player in the new energy industry of China.”