First After-sales Service Standard for Traction Battery Sector Released



Recently, the Standards for the After-sales Service of the Traction Battery Sector initiated by the China General Chamber of Commerce and drafted by Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd., (CATL) and other organizations has been implemented nationwide. As the first service standard in the traction battery sector, it aims to regulate the service behavior of the traction battery industry in order to improve the service quality. 

The standard has established rules for the after-sales service of the traction battery sector for the first time from the aspects of resource construction, personnel requirements, delivery services, battery recycling, service quality assurance, and others. Moreover, it is the first service standard in the subdivision of traction batteries, helping to make its service become more standardized and measurable. 

At the same time, the Guide for Traction Battery Equipment Maintenance attached to the standard specifies the operation safety and technical requirements for traction battery equipment maintenance, and provides a detailed guide for after-sales service operations. 

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