CATL Donates 25 mln Yuan to Flood Rescue and Reconstruction Work in China’s Henan Province


Torrential rains have battered Henan Province this week, and Zhengzhou and other cities in the province have been badly ravaged by the devastating flooding, arousing concern and support from people all over the country.

CATL has announced a 25 million yuan (about 3.86 million USD) donation to Henan, namely a 15 million yuan (about 2.32 million USD) cash donation to the Henan Charity Federation for flood relief, resettlement and reconstruction work; and a 10 million yuan (around 1.54 million USD) special fund to guarantee the overhaul service of local electric vehicles (EVs) equipped with CATL batteries to ensure the timely resumption of local public transportation. 

Our thoughts at CATL are with everyone affected by the disaster. CATL has responded at once by quickly dispatching more than 300 technical experts and maintenance resources such as overhaul equipment and spare parts from 20 surrounding cities to the stricken area to carry out rescue efforts, as well as testing and repair work. 

In order to quickly resume the operation of the bus system, CATL has promised to respond to repair service requests within 30 minutes, and arrive at the scene within two hours for over 8,000 buses equipped with CATL batteries in Henan Province. It will specifically provide a 24-hour service for the hardest hit areas. 

Considering the potential needs of EV repair services at the reconstruction stage, CATL will set up a team of 100 professional technicians, provide resources to support the disaster area, and cooperate with local 4S shops to guarantee after-sales services for electric vehicles that have been affected by the disaster.

Our heartfelt thanks to all the officers, soldiers and staff who are working on the front lines! Let’s join forces with Henan to weather the storm. 

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd.

July 23, 2021

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