CATL and Institute of Physics CAS establish joint lab and launch post-doc recruitment


To strengthen industrial-academic cooperation, the Institute of Physics, China Academy of Sciences (Institute of Physics CAS) and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd. (CATL) have signed a contract to found the “Institute of Physics CAS-Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd. Clean Energy Joint Laboratory”(Joint Lab). 

The Joint Lab will keep abreast of frontier technologies’ development in the field of clean energy and bring together talents and resources. It will build a R&D platform featuring synergic innovation, enabling industrial-academic cooperation in the clean energy science and technology fields. It will also develop intellectual property achievements independently, and contribute to China's new energy undertakings. 

The Institute of Physics CAS is an interdisciplinary and comprehensive research institute that focuses on the fundamental research of physics and applied fundamental research. It provides strong support to the development of fields like advanced materials and clean energy. 

Thanks to the Institute of Physics CAS’s strong foundation in fundamental research and CATL’s strength in engineering R&D, and with the help of the Institute of Physics CAS’s professional R&D platforms (like One Equipment and Two Platforms) and the Beijing Huairou Science City’s sophisticated equipment (like oversize scientific apparatuses), the Joint Lab, under construction in Beijing's National Comprehensive Science Center and Huairou Science City, will be committed to resolving key scientific problems in the field of clean energy. This will lay a firm foundation for the sustainable and healthy development of China's new energy industry. 

Joint research will cover fundamental research, technology development, and sophisticated equipment research & production in relation to clean energy, such as lithium-ion battery and frontier battery technology, intelligent drive technology, AI technology, and solar cell technology, among others. 

The Joint Lab will be built and put into operation in stages. According to preliminary planning, its construction and operation will be divided into three phases. The implementation period of Phase I is 3 years, and construction and operation of phase Ⅱ and phase Ⅲ are contingent upon the completion of phase I. 

To help the lab’s development and meet the new energy industry’s needs, the Joint Lab will recruit 5-10 outstanding post-doctoral research fellows from home and abroad, and those who have been employed will embark on frontier application research in terms of energy material design & synthesis and equipment development, and work at the Institute of Physics CAS Huairou Park. 


Ph.D. holders with a passion for science, and who are committed to and excited about new energy development are welcome to join us! 

For more details about the recruitment, please click the link below to view the recruitment notice.