CATL and Star Charge sign strategic agreement


On April 25, CATL and Star Charge signed an agreement for strategic cooperation on superfast charging in Beijing, China. 


According to the agreement, the two parties will extensively cooperate in high-power charging, R&D for the integration of charging and inspection technologies, charging infrastructure, and co-branding of superfast charging stations, and jointly build an advanced superfast charging network through the interconnection of equipment, platforms, and data. They will also provide all-in-one energy refueling services that incorporate "identifying, guiding, charging, inspection, maintenance, settlement, and payment" to allow efficient and top-notch superfast charging for new energy vehicle owners. 

As a unicorn company of smart energy solution in Asia and one of the three major charging station operators in China, Star Charge can provide global customers with charging, discharging, and energy storage equipment, smart platforms, user and data operations, as well as services for the intelliegent BESS charging station, and the operation of virtual power plants. Based on their respective technological strengths and market resources, Star Charge and CATL will join hands to boost the development of charging infrastructure and service innovation that mainly involves superfast charging, and keep improving battery and vehicle safety through the development and application of technologies for the integration of battery charging and inspection. 

Moreover, CATL announced its plan to build the world's largest superfast charging network with 10,000 superfast charging stations across 100 cities in 2024 and 2025. The plan will cater to the needs of tens of millions of vehicle owners, thus ushering in the era of superfast charging for the new energy market.