CATL becomes world's first battery manufacturer receiving certification from Volkswagen for module testing


On April 9, CATL's German plant received certifications from Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen) for both module testing and cell testing, becoming the world's first battery manufacturer to receive Volkswagen's battery module testing certification and also the first to obtain the group's cell testing certification in Europe. (CATL's Ninde plant is the world's first battery plant certified as Volkswagen's cell testing center). The certifications mark the prominent international automaker's recognition of CATL's testing and validation capabilities, technical strengths, and quality management standards. They also strongly testify to CATL's strategy to cultivate a global market presence and serve automotive companies worldwide. 


Volkswagen and CATL share a profound history of cooperation. Both parties draw on their extensive experience in their respective fields to collaboratively promote technological innovation and product development. As one of the world's four largest automakers, Volkswagen is renowned across the industry for its stringent quality and safety standards. Drawing upon rigorous quality control, safety standards, performance requirements, and environmental regulations, Volkswagen provides valuable insights for battery development and testing, ensuring the safety and intelligent management of battery products in various vehicle application scenarios. As a global leader of new energy innovative technologies, CATL, with its deep understanding of battery system, continuously assists Volkswagen in optimizing its testing standard system, further supporting Volkswagen's electrification strategy with efficient and reliable battery solutions. Since 2014, CATL and Volkswagen, along with the latter's joint ventures, have been engaged in extensive cooperation in areas such as MEB (Modular Electric Drive Matrix), MQB (Modular Transverse Toolkit), PPE (Premium Platform Electric), as well as 12V and 48V low-voltage battery systems, with all products mentioned having gone into mass production. 

Recieving Volkswagen's qualification certifications marked a new start of further cooperation between CATL and Volkswagen in terms of jointly advancing the technological innovation and quality of new energy vehicles, offering global consumers high-quality, high-value and safer electric vehicles to drive global electrification.