CATL became the first to receive CCS Certificate of Test Agency Approval in the battery industry


On March 25, CATL Testing and Verification Center was awarded the Certificate of Test Agency Approval by China Classification Society (CCS) in Ningde, east China's Fujian province. 

CCS provides technical specification and standards as well as classification survey service for ships, offshore facilities and related industrial products. At present, it has accepted the government authorization of 60 major international shipping countries and regions including China, and carries out the statutory inspection for ships and offshore facilities in these countries or regions. CCS is also the most authoritative organization for product and type approval of ships in China. Batteries and core equipment of all classified ships must obtain CCS type and product certification. 

This is the first time CCS has awarded such a certificate to a battery company. It is also the first time CCS will assign a project leader for a company so as to provide better services. Previously, the battery and core components installed on the ship had to pass the type test of a third-party laboratory before they could be applied, and companies often chose domestic laboratories with CCS certification for testing. This certification shows that CATL has independent testing capabilities. In the future, CATL's marine products can be tested in its own laboratory witnessed by classification society officials on site. Therefore, it can effectively avoid the risk of product technology disclosure during external inspection, as well as the disadvantages such as the unstable scheduling of third-party laboratories and the uncertainty of inspection timeliness. It also shows that CATL has been highly recognized by CCS in terms of products, hardware conditions for testing, battery quality control, automation production lines, and test conditions. 

Vice President of CCS, Zhao Yan said that CCS has witnessed the rapid application of CATL's products from land to sea, from new electric vehicles to new electric vessels. As CCS is the core service provider and inspection service provider of CATL in the shipping field, obtaining this certificate will accelerate the ship electrification business of CATL. In the future, both parties will work together for a win-win situation, jointly serve the regional strategy of "Electric Fujian," and promote the decarbonization of global shipping and shipbuilding industries, so as to lead the green development of the shipping industry.