“CATL inside” debuted in the construction machinery industry in the Year of the Loong


On February 27, CATL and LONKING signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Ningde, east China's Fujian Province.

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According to the agreement, LONKING will choose CATL as the preferred partner for construction machinery EV batteries. The two parties will deepen cooperation in fields such as development and production of construction machinery and development of construction machinery EV battery, jointly develop compatible products and make market promotion, so as to expand electric construction machinery market. The two companies aim to provide global customers with electric products boasting leading technology and industry competitiveness, thus contributing to the leapfrog development of both parties. 

At the signing ceremony, Mr. Li San Yim, Chairman of the Board of Directors of LONKING, said that the transition of traditional construction machinery to electrification is the trend, and it is an inevitable choice for LONKING to make efforts in the new energy sector and seize the opportunity of electrification. Dr. Robin Zeng, chairman and general manager of CATL, said that LONKING is the leader in the construction machinery industry, and he is delighted that Chairman Li San Yim plans ahead for the electrification of the industry. As one of LONKING's strategic partners, CATL will work with LONKING to promote technology development and drive the electrification of construction machinery.

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After the signing ceremony, LONKING released its latest electric loader product with the “CATL inside” logo. The product is powered by CATL new generation EV battery developed specifically for the construction machinery industry. As the first electric loader product launch in the industry, the event is a significance milestone to promote the electrification of the construction machinery industry. This product has combined LONKING's longstanding experience of traditional loading machine technology and electrification and intelligentization. In the future, both parties will further carry out joint marketing of the product. 

As a leading enterprise in Fujian Province in the field of construction machinery manufacturing, LONKING was listed on the main board of HKEX in 2005 and ranks among the Top 50 global construction machinery enterprises. Its products include wheel loaders, excavators, forklifts, skip steer loaders and road rollers, and various core parts and components, among which the domestic sales of wheel loaders are steadily in the forefront of the industry.

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Driven by the goal of “peaking carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality,” it is imminent for the construction machinery industry, as a large energy consumer and a big carbon emission polluter, to start energy transition. With this cooperation, CATL will give full play to its leading advantages in core new energy technologies, work with LONLING and global partners to promote the development of construction machinery battery technology, and help achieve the comprehensive electrification of construction machinery industry at an early date.