CATL wins the INDUSTRIE 4.0 AWARD 2023



On February 1, ROI-EFESO Management Consulting announced that CATL’s Ningde plant has won the INDUSTRIE 4.0 AWARD in the category of Process Industry. The awards ceremony was held in Munich, Germany.

ROI-EFESO Management Consulting, the world's leading international operations consultancy, established the award in 2013 to celebrate Industry 4.0 solutions that set new standards in digitalization and automation in the production environment. This year, the jury panel, comprised of 22 high-caliber decision-makers from the industry, has acknowledged CATL’s advanced Industry 4.0 solutions through their evaluation of the Ningde plant. 

Markus Quicken, chairman of the board, SupplyOn AG and member of the jury committee said: “The CATL plant in Ningde is positioning itself as a pacesetter for the global lithium-ion battery industry with the use of digitalization and automation technologies. The holistic approach of the solution is also exceptional in the leading field of Industry 4.0: from the greenfield planning of the plant to ongoing production and the continuous further development of products, the award winner has met and continues to meet its high standards of sustainability and cost-effectiveness. The solution also impresses with the extraordinary speed with which the plant adapts production processes and volumes to product innovations and new global market requirements. In the spirit of the INDUSTRIE 4.0 AWARD, CATL is already showing us today what the future of industrial digitalization and sustainability will look like.”

Since its establishment, CATL has been benchmarking its production and operation with the standards of this new industrial era. Following the advanced technology concepts of Industry 4.0, CATL has systematically built smart factories, creating an extreme intelligent manufacturing architecture supported by eight Industry 4.0 enabling technologies ABCDEFGR (A - Artificial Intelligence, B - Big Data, C - Cloud Computing, D - Digital Twin, E - Edge Computing, F - Frequency Spectrum Technology, G - 5G, R - Robot), and featuring the in-depth interaction of multiple platforms and multiple systems. 

Through continuous innovation in manufacturing, CATL currently operates three Lighthouse factories recognized by the World Economic Forum, and has achieved carbon neutrality in four factories. This award once again demonstrates CATL's exceptional accomplishments in adopting 4IR technologies to boost productivity and sustainability in the new industrial era.