CATL Statement on Security Concerns


Accusations about CATL batteries posing security threats are false and misleading. As a global technology company, CATL welcomes responsible discourse on important safety and security issues, and we take questions about our business seriously. 

CATL’s business and products in the U.S. do not collect, sell, or share data, and cannot directly interact with electrical grid or any other critical infrastructure. CATL follows the highest business and ethical standards and adheres to the laws and regulations in all regions where CATL operates. Our products have passed rigorous safety and security reviews, including reviews by U.S. authorities and businesses.

We hope the following facts will set the record straight:

Data: CATL’s energy storage products sold to the U.S. contain “passive” devices only, which are not equipped with communication interfaces that may enable CATL to control the sold products. Additionally, CATL’s U.S. products do not have the capability to collect, transfer or send data and therefore do not pose any security threats.  

Grid integration: CATL products cannot interact directly with or affect the U.S. electrical grid. CATL provides energy storage batteries to U.S. integrators, and because it is the integrators that manage connections to the grid and the grid operators set up an additional layer of security measures, CATL products can in no way interact with it.

Leadership team: CATL is a publicly-traded company that makes financial and organizational disclosures and filings in accordance with all applicable rules. Our investors include large western companies, such as JPMorgan Chase and UBS. Like every publicly-traded company, we have a fiduciary responsibility to advance the interests of our investors above all others.  

CATL is committed to powering a green energy future and we are committed to doing so with international partners from all over the world transparently. We stand by the safety and security of our products.