CATL and Quinbrook Sign Global Framework Agreement for Stationary Battery Energy Storage Systems


CATL and Quinbrook announced today the signing of a Global Framework Agreement in stationary storage with the aim to deploy 10GWh+ of CATL’s advanced storage solutions over the next five years, demonstrating both companies’ commitment to progressing the energy transition through the deployment of the most advanced storage solutions. 


The long-term partnership includes the design, optimization, and supply of the most advanced storage solutions available from CATL in today’s market, aiming to optimize the energy storage solutions available to Quinbrook across its large scale renewables infrastructure projects and those of its many portfolio companies operating in the US, UK, and Australia. The partnership will help position Quinbrook to address the rapidly growing demand it sees for mega-scale renewable energy supply projects that are teamed with large-scale energy storage solutions that meet the most stringent safety and reliability standards. 

CATL will initially supply Quinbrook with its most advanced outdoor container solution called EnerC Plus, which is a market leading solution in safety, service life, and efficiency which comes fully integrated to Quinbrook’s specifications. EnerC Plus can adapt and respond to extreme weather events and harsh local conditions following innovative improvements of the inherent protection levels and the comprehensive BESS control and management systems that represent the latest technical features developed by the CATL research and development teams. EnerC Plus also features CATL’s latest integrated liquid-cooling solution, which further improves safety and reliability for successful grid interface and compliant operations. 

Quinbrook and CATL are assessing together the first 1GWh+ of EnerC Plus project in Australia and the UK and will showcase the ability of the most advanced CATL storage solution to provide a multitude of services to enhance local grid stability and support the build out of greater renewable supply capacity in the power grid. These projects follow Quinbrook’s deployment of CATL storage solutions at its Project Gemini in Nevada, the largest solar and storage project in US history (at time of PPA approval). Gemini is nearing completion of construction and commencement of operations with enough projected solar energy during the day and into the evening to power the entire city of Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Quinbrook’s renewables and storage development portfolio in the US, UK and Australia currently exceeds 50GW including the recently announced partnership with Grok Ventures for the 20GW Sun Cable Project, the world’s largest announced renewable energy and storage project currently under development in the Northern Territory of Australia. Quinbrook and CATL plan to work closely together to assess the viability of CATL’s groundbreaking 8hr charge and 16hr discharge energy storage solution for use on the Sun Cable Project. 

The elevated cooperation, which further combines CATL’s market leading battery technologies with Quinbrook’s proven capability in the development, construction and management of mega-scale renewable energy and storage projects, will cement both companies’ leading market positions and help them accelerate the energy transition especially in North America, the UK and Australia. 

Brian Restall, Quinbrook’s Managing Director for Australia and the co-chair of Quinbrook’s Global Procurement Committee stated: “Quinbrook has a long history of working closely with CATL for our innovative stationary storage projects. We are impressed by the quality of CATL’s technology that consistently tops DNV’s annual Battery Scorecard report, their robust product supply chains and the company’s commitment to investing in research and development to maintain their cutting edge technical advantage. We look forward to continuing our working partnership and assessing the viability of CATL’s ultra long duration storage solutions as well.” 

“We are excited to strengthen partnership with Quinbrook, which is experienced in leading investments and initiatives that support a stable transition to a decarbonized power system,” said Tan Libin, vice president of CATL. “Together with Quinbrook, we look forward to implementing more large-scale battery energy storage projects globally with our innovative solutions, so as to help addressing climate change and move towards a clean and sustainable future.”