CATL and JIDU enter into strategic partnership



JIDU signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CATL

On October 21, JIDU and CATL signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote the R&D, mass production and application of new energy technology and products for robot cars. 

At present, CATL has provided high-performance EV battery products and service support for the JI YUE 01. In the future, CATL will continue to support the market business of JIDU, including cooperation in new projects and new technologies and supply of Shenxing superfast charging batteries, to jointly promote the development of the intelligent mobility industry chain. 

JI YUE is a premium intelligent robot car brand, committed to providing benchmark-level intelligent travel experiences for users with advanced intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit products and innovative digital services. CATL and JIDU have jointly explored a new R&D model of “two-way joint research” to achieve mutual benefits through innovation, and tailored a series of technical solutions for robot cars, which will continuously promote the widespread adoption of cutting-edge travel technology. 

There are great cooperation potentials for CATL and JIDU in high-voltage superfast charging technology, charging and battery swapping, energy storage and other fields. The two parties will leverage their respective advantages to further strengthen technical cooperation and exchanges, continuously expand the scope of cooperation, and elevate the level of cooperation, so as to promote comprehensive electrification and intelligent mobility development.