CATL drives new wave of e-mobility with next-generation electric vehicle battery technology


Frankfurt, Germany, September 10, 2019 – Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL), a vital player in electric vehicle (EV) battery technology and manufacturing, unveiled at the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA) its intentions around the development of cell-to-pack (CTP) EV batteries, alongside interactive displays and technical workshops aimed at fostering greater understanding of its cutting-edge technologies. These initiatives showcase how “innovation powers life” at CATL, through advanced e-mobility and battery solutions that support the sustainable development of the EV sector. 

New CTP platform for efficiency and savings
CATL’s latest innovative product platform, introduced at IAA 2019, improves battery pack development through process efficiency, cost savings and the need for fewer required parts. Using cell-to-pack (CTP) technology, which includes more than 70 core patents, CATL is able to increase mass energy density by 10-15%, improve volume utilization efficiency by 15-20% and reduce the amount of parts for battery packs by 40%.

Based on this brand-new product platform, and together with system improvements, the battery system energy density can increase from 180 Wh/kg to more than 200 Wh/kg. At the cell level, the energy density has already reached 240 Wh/kg in 2019, and by 2024 CATL aims to increase energy density to 350 Wh/kg. This will allow EV batteries to go further on each charge.

“It is an exciting time to be solidifying our standing within Europe’s dynamic and fast-moving e-mobility sector, and at CATL we embrace every opportunity to connect with OEMs in the region to better understand their needs and walk them through our solutions,” said Matthias Zentgraf, Europe President, CATL. “At IAA this year, we will introduce European car manufacturers to our latest innovations for helping them realize their electrification strategies, including our program for new solutions based on cell-to-pack technologies.”

Four additional key technologies enable enhanced battery performance
CATL is tapping into its 20-year history of innovation in the EV sector to improve product performance. In a series of technical workshops at IAA this year, CATL experts will share insights on the company’s latest EV battery solutions, battery management system (BMS) design and intelligent manufacturing, and discuss how four key technologies can improve consumers’ EV experience:

• Ultra-fast-charging battery solutions tailored for real market needs, including cells that can be charged to 80% in 15 minutes and ensure 400 kilometers of driving mileage, as well as a turbo charging solution for C/D class vehicles that charges from 0%-80% in only 9 minutes.

• Innovations that help improve total EV battery life to 600,000 kilometers, expand application and create additional value for consumers by, for example, enabling commercial usage, vehicle-to-grid and secondary use.

• Self-heating technology that enables batteries to warm up from -20°C to 10°C in 15 minutes, as well as realize a better temperature uniformity of battery cells. This ensures the temperature difference inside the cell will not exceed 10°C, and the temperature difference between the cells will not exceed 4°C.

• Multi-level safety protection design, including material optimization, product design, manufacturing, and after sales, ensuring system integrity and mitigating safety risks for the vehicle. Also on display at the booth will be CATL’s leading products, including NMC (nickel manganese cobalt) and LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries, BMS with smart computing and high energy density battery packs.

By developing advanced battery technologies, investing heavily in R&D, and contributing to the establishment of global industry standards, CATL is actively working to meet the needs of its leading auto manufacturer partners and the industry as a whole.

CATL is present at IAA from September 10-13, with its booth located in hall 4.1, booth C07.

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