CATL's ESS battery solutions boost development of Japanese energy storage market


TOKYO, July 25, 2019 -- Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited ("CATL") and Next Energy & Resources Co., Ltd. ("NER") have formally entered into a partnership, whereby CATL will provide reliable energy storage system (ESS) battery solutions to help NER build a new operational model for Third Party Ownership (TPO), and to technically support the further promotion and application of distributed solar power generation systems in Japan.

"The partnership will leverage each other's advantages and combine high-quality energy storage products with the TPO operational model. It is contributing to the development of the renewable energy and energy storage industries in Japan. This is also an important step in CATL's development of the energy storage market in Japan," said Tan Libin, chief customer officer and vice president of energy storage business unit, CATL.

Under the TPO model, the purchase and installation costs of solar power and energy storage systems are no longer paid by homeowners, but rather by service integrators. Surplus power can be stored and transmitted to city grids, providing priority is given to the customer's electricity consumption. CATL's high-quality lithium iron phosphate (LFP) ESS battery solutions feature seamless connection to grid and stable power output, while its LFP batteries feature outstanding safety and a long lifecycle as well as being capable of operating effectively in a wide temperature range from -25℃ to 55℃. To ensure safety and reliability, CATL batteries must pass up to 273 strict tests before launching to the markets Specifically for Japanese market, CATL batteries satisfy with Japan’s industry standard JIS C 8715-2, and have passed SII nail and crush testing successfully.

CATL has profound technical expertise and an extensive product portfolio in the ESS field, and keeps providing reliable energy storage battery system solutions for the power generation, transmission & distribution and consumption stages of the industry chain. CATL also focuses on the integrated development of electric vehicles (EVs) and energy storage facilities, as part of its commitment to promoting the environmentally responsible and sustainable advancement of mankind. In V2G (Vehicle to Grid) scenario, batteries for EVs could be used as distributed energy storage and make it possible for EVs to interact with the grid intelligently. Beyond cutting the peak to fill valley and improving resource utilization efficiency, V2G could also increase benefits for NEV owners.

"Japan is a key player of the global energy storage field and one of our strategic target markets," said Tan. "We hope to quickly assimilate into the local market through in-depth cooperation with local Japanese companies, so as to better serve local customers with high-quality products."

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