ees Europe 2019-World’s leading battery manufacturer CATL brings competitive energy storage solutions to the international stage


Ningde, China, 8 May 2019 – Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL), the world’s leading battery manufacturer, is leveraging its expertise to provide solutions for energy storage systems (ESS) in China and the world. Marking its presence in the international ESS market, CATL will participate in the upcoming ees Europe in Munich, Germany for the first time from May 15 – 17, exhibiting at booth B1.180 alongside key industry players and decision-makers at the largest trade show for batteries and ESS in Europe.

CATL currently stands at the forefront of China’s fast-growing ESS industry, having worked on national-scale projects and delivering the world’s first, and China’s largest, battery energy storage system (BESS) multi-mixed energy power station, which integrates three forms of renewable energy, i.e. wind, photovoltaic, concentrated solar power, and ESS into one unified system on a grid. CATL also in talks with international solar companies and has developed partnerships to cover no less than 1.85 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of batteries for US-based top-tier solar companies. With the increasing emphasis on sustainable growth, the ESS market offers new opportunities for CATL to drive change globally after already establishing itself as one of the top international manufacturers of electric vehicle (EV) batteries, and catering to high-profile multinational EV clients including BMW, Volkswagen, and Ford.

Batteries designed and manufactured by CATL are well-reputed for their safety, performance reliability, as well as innovative structure design. Raising the standard for battery technology, CATL is among the first to develop a lithium-ion battery, specifically lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP), for international ESS. The advanced LFP battery offers exceptional cycle life and reliability, meets high standards of safety and eliminates hazardous risks common to ordinary batteries. To date, CATL is one of only three companies globally to have successfully passed industry standards in Japan, known to be among the most challenging tests in the world.

Tan Libin, President for the Energy Storage Business Unit of CATL, said: "We are very much encouraged by the great strides CATL has made in recent years in developing ESS in China and across the globe with our industry-leading LFP battery technology, which was developed for safer, more reliable ESS application.”

Safety and reliability are integral to all CATL operations, from design to manufacturing to application. Manufactured batteries must undergo simulation tests that replicate lifelong working conditions for the battery in order to determine safety, durability and performance. The company also invests heavily in research and development, and runs a state-level Lithium Chemical Engineering Testing & Validation Centre. It carries out extensive testing and quality management controls, to ensure that batteries are of the highest quality.

“Though the ESS market is still relatively young, especially in China,” Tan Libin continued, “we see great potential for growth as energy storage technologies become increasingly mature and sophisticated. We will continue to charge ahead in ESS, working with more global partners to bring our advanced solutions to international markets."

As a first-time ees Europe exhibitor, CATL will be bringing its ESS solutions to a large international audience, opening up potential opportunities for further growth and expansion of its ESS operations. During the three-day event, the company will present its master series of ESS products from battery cells to battery management systems (BMS) and racks. Key features of the product display at the CATL booth B1.180 will include:

Product Safety as the highest priority at CATL. All ESS batteries are developed with a prismatic cell case, with an LFP chemistry system that has a thermal decomposition temperature of up to 800°C, and does not emit oxygen, thus reducing the potential risk of second damage explosion. Racks have strengthened safety components in dual-fields such as electrical, structural and thermal safety.

Complex Climate Adaption that ensures CATL cells function in a stable manner under -20~55°C (charging temperature 0~55°C; discharging temperature -20~55°C) and can be kept in storage temperatures under -30~60°C.

Long Cycle Life achieved by the improvement of chemical characteristics, which have made 12,000 cycles now possible.

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