CATL showcases all-scenario solutions and services for commercial applications at IAA Transportation 2022


CATL, a global leader of new energy innovative technologies, showcases its cutting-edge technologies and product portfolio at IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022, which takes place in Hanover, Germany from September 20 to 25. 

CATL's commercial application products are equipped with LFP battery system, which features long battery life and thermal stability and will offer outstanding performance in temperature adaptability, and the latest CTP (cell to pack) technology, which significantly increases the energy density of batteries and consequently the payload of vehicles. Supported by its innovative battery technologies, CATL's product portfolio highlighted at the show covers full-scenario commercial applications such as buses, heavy trucks, logistics, vessels, and construction machinery, addressing the typical challenges of high energy consumption, long-time operation and harsh environments including vibration, dust, mud water and sometimes extreme temperatures, among others, thus facilitating the electrification of transportation. 


Updated module and pack solutions

Product updates in the module and pack level are the focus of this year's trade fair appearance of CATL. At the show, CATL will showcase its flagship product, the High Energy Density Pack, which is powered by the 228Ah High Energy Density Cell. Supported by CATL's CTP technology, the pack boasts an integration efficiency of 91% and a system energy density of 160Wh/kg. The pack, which can be applied to almost all scenarios, has been well received by customers of commercial vehicles, and so far more than two million High Energy Density Packs have been shipped to more than 55 countries and regions around the world. 


CATL maintains its innovative momentum based on the High Energy Density Pack, and has developed two next-generation products: Gen-4 Innovative Pack and Module to Vehicle (MTV).  Equipped with the latest LFP and CTP technologies, the Gen-4 Innovative Pack boasts a 7% increase of weight energy density and a 22% volume energy density increase, capable of being applied to a wide range of application scenarios. To meet the market demand for high energy density batteries, for e-buses in particular, CATL has developed MTV, which directly integrate the modules to the vehicles, achieving a system energy density of 175Wh/kg, and increases the vehicle utilization space by 40%. Further, the high-end module offers maximum safety as it can be integrated into a vehicle's roof, thereby protecting it from flood damage or thermal runaway caused by collisions.


Long service life and the economic benefits brought by it is another important factor that customers care about. CATL's newly introduced Long Service Life Pack was specifically designed for applications with long-life requirements, such as buses or heavy-duty trucks, and offers a warranty of ten years or 8,000 cycles. Its ultra-strength box structure design and LFP chemistry allow for the use in even harsh working conditions, including mining areas. In addition, the vertically arranged thermal management structure design leads to a threefold increase of the heat exchange area, thereby greatly improving the heating and insulation performance.


For low-voltage applications such as forklift trucks, golf carts and airport equipment operating in closed environments, CATL rolled out the Low-Voltage Platform Module, which is able to work in a wide range of temperatures (from -35°C to 65°C).


In addition to these products, CATL continues its innovation with regard to the material system, and have launched sodium ion batteries and two fast charging products. The energy density of CATL's first-generation sodium-ion battery cell can achieve up to 160Wh/kg, and the company has started cooperation in the commercialization of sodium-ion batteries with carmakers and energy storage providers so as to establish a preliminary industrial chain by the year 2023. 


The 119 Ah cell, which can be used on both BEV and PHEV, guarantees an 80% charge in 15 minutes at room temperature with the support of super electronic network and fast ion ring technology, and empowered by isotropic graphite technology, the 28 Ah cell enables 6C fast charging and 10C recharging.


Innovative business models 

In January 2022, CATL rolled out its innovative modular battery swap solution EVOGO. Based on the separation of vehicle and battery, CATL considers the battery as a shared product, creating a whole new experience for the market. Customers are free to choose one or more blocks for their vehicles to meet different range requirements. Meanwhile, it is compatible with most passenger cars and logistics vehicles developed on BEV platforms. 


CATL has also launched battery swapping solutions for heavy-duty trucks, and has developed standard battery swapping cabinets for heavy-duty trucks, which allows customers to flexibly choose the power capacity according to different requirements for driving range, and greatly improve the operation efficiency of heavy-duty trucks.

 “We're going to advance the transportation revolution once again with our sustainable and powerful solution,” said Li Xiaoning, Executive President of Overseas Commercial Application, CATL. "With our latest all-round solutions for commercial application powered by next-gen technologies, we believe we can drive the industry to develop sustainably and safely with sufficient energy, representing our commitment to electrification of transportation and energy transition."

CATL is present at IAA Transportation from September 20 to 25 in Booth B02, Hall 20, Deutsche Messe in Hannover.