Battery Swapping Solution EVOGO shines at the International Digital Energy Expo 2023



The modular battery swap solution EVOGO, which consists of Choco-SEB, battery swapping station and EVs supporting EVOGO, shone at the International Digital Energy Expo 2023 that kicked off at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center on June 29. EVOGO is the signature product of Contemporary Amperex Energy Service Technology Ltd. (CAES), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CATL.

Supported by CATL's world-leading battery technology and industrial advantages, CAES has achieved the standardization, sharing and intensive utilization of batteries, promoting the efficient use of social resources and accelerating electrification.


The penetration rate of new energy vehicles in Shenzhen is at the forefront of the country with a soaring sales volume of new energy vehicles, resulting in a high demand for refueling of electric vehicles to be met. EVOGO is committed to providing efficient solutions for the refueling of electric vehicles in Shenzhen.