Jim Hix is the " Longhorn Whisperer "
of the Sierra Foothills


Just on the outskirts of Copperopolis, in the Foothills east of Manteca, veteran longhorn rancher Jim Hix tends to his beautiful herd. Jim's herd is comprised of many fine steers and high quality cows. Jim purchased many of his original animals from legendary breeder Darol Dickinson of Ohio. Dickinson Cattle ( DCCI ) has had a profound influence on longhorn breeding. DCCI is the owner of famed bulls such as Drag Iron and Juma. Jim became friends with the Dickinson family over the years and eventually acquired some of their stock.

Jim has an extraordinary ability to train longhorns to be exceptionally gentle. He spends a great amount of time with his animals to earn their trust and his cattle actually seek his attention! But without a doubt, Jim's real claim to fame is his incredible bull, " Killer ! " Killer, is actually very gentle! And Killer, is very, very large! Killer is believed to weigh approximately 2,400 pounds and may well be the largest bull in the longhorn breed. Stop by to see Jim's bull and herd soon and you will not be disappointed!








Kingsnake Cattle Company
3455 Laguna Creek Trail
Vacaville CA, 95688
Email: Doug@Kingsnakecattle.com

California State Fair
July 24-27

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October 8-11


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